10 Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

10 Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

Congested? Stressed? Is life getting you down? 

For most of life’s ailments, there is often an essential oil that can banish the problem. Lucky for you, we happen to know a thing or two when it comes to essential oils. From their health and wellbeing properties to their chakra enhancing uses, eucalyptus oil is undeniably high on the list. 

One of nature’s miracles, eucalyptus oil’s healing power comes from the tree’s oval-shaped leaves. Native to Tasmania and Australia, eucalyptus is now widely used medicinally across the world.

Here are 10 reasons why we think eucalyptus oil should be a key component in your essential oils kit:


1. Reduces aches and pains

A natural anti-inflammatory, eucalyptus oil is wonderful at targeting muscular aches and pains. You can add a couple of drops to a carrier oil such as argan or coconut oil to make a lavishly soothing massage ointment or cream. Apply in circular motions to ease tension and encourage better circulation. 

Added to a bath, eucalyptus oil can calm your muscles to help restore your body’s balance by releasing tension. A miracle for rheumatoid arthritis suffers, eucalyptus oil not only enhances circulation but it can reduce swelling too.


2. Clears your sinuses

The beauty of eucalyptus oil is that it is incredibly versatile in application. To combat congestion, you can use steam inhalation with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil to clear your sinuses. When inhaled, the oil loosens congestion by tackling your mucus membranes to reduce mucus buildup. 

Remember to place a towel or sheet over your head as you breathe in the steam from your eucalyptus filled bowl of hot water for maximum effect. 


3. Helps you to breathe more easily

It’s easy to feel weighed down by life’s stresses. With that, you may feel your airways contract, and your breathing becomes tighter as you get lost in your daily reality. Fortunately, eucalyptus has remarkable properties that can clear your airways and increase your oxygen intake to your lungs. Your energy levels get a little boost, and your mental clarity is restored, allowing you to think more clearly. 


4. Natural insect repellant

The more you travel, the more likely you are to encounter potential disease-laced mosquito or insect bites. Although most will grab the first DEET based repellant spray they can find, some of our skin types may not be able to handle the harsh chemicals. Fortunately, there are many lemon eucalyptus oil-based alternatives available on the market. 


5. Wound treatment

Historically, eucalyptus oil has been used throughout the ages to treat wounds and prevent infection. Unlike the Australian aborigines who used the eucalyptus leaves to treat injuries, today, we use the diluted oil to promote healing and reduce inflammation. Often found in cream and ointment form, mild burns and small wounds can be treated from the safety of your home. 


6. Natural breath freshener

Although eucalyptus oil shouldn’t be ingested, it can be used to combat bad breath. Due to its antimicrobial properties, a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil in water can be used as a natural mouthwash. 


7. It does wonders for your hair

Exposure to pollutants, lifestyle and diet can all have a profound effect on our hair. By adding a drop of eucalyptus oil to your shampoo, you can improve hair elasticity, stimulate your scalp and combat dandruff. 

If dandruff buildup is a particular issue, adding 2 to 4 drops of eucalyptus oil with a generous amount of coconut oil to your hair care routine will target the build-up of the fungal Malassezia. The anti-fungal properties dormant within eucalyptus oil will have your scalp looking fresh in no time. 


8. Relieves sunburn

Eucalyptus oil holds such a wide variety of healing properties that it is one of nature’s best defences against sunburn. Matched with its natural cooling sensation and anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving abilities, it soothes and calms painful sunburn. 

If you’re worried that your sunburn may lead to infection, rest in the knowledge that eucalyptus oil also holds effective antibacterial properties. 


9. Reduces stress

Eucalyptus oil’s uplifting, fresh aroma is enough to snare the senses. Not only does it dispel feelings of sadness, give you a much-needed mood boost, but its scent has a calming effect throughout your body and mind. 

Whether adding a few drops to a bath, diffuser or using the oil for a massage, eucalyptus is renowned for its stress-reducing qualities. 


10. Targets headaches

A muscle-calming, stress-relieving miracle oil, of course, can target headaches! Eucalyptus oil promotes the relaxation of tense facial muscles, which relieves any pressure causing your headache to ease. Simply dab diluted eucalyptus oil to your temples and the back of your neck to feel the healing properties take effect. 

Now you know why we think eucalyptus oil is so beneficial, what will you use it for first? 

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