10 Reasons Why Essential Oils Make A Great Christmas Gift

10 Reasons Why Essential Oils Make A Great Christmas Gift

Warm, cosy nights are well underway. As Christmas gets closer, there’s no better time to break out your essential oils collection. From the classic festive frankincense to the crisp and spicy cinnamon, there’s a lot to make your Christmas feel all the more special. 

Rooted in tradition and culture, essential oils have been enhancing our everyday lives for millennia. From boosting mood to helping us sleep, there is a lot to be gained from introducing essential oils into our norm. 

With that in mind, here are 10 reasons why we think essential oils make a great Christmas gift:


1. Smells like tradition!

Nothing screams Christmas more than the classic scents of frankincense and myrrh. Steeped in ancient tradition, these two aromas feature heavily in the Christian story of the Three Wise Men. Alongside gold, frankincense and myrrh were gifted to the baby Jesus. 

Both oils have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Known for their heady, sweet aroma, frankincense and myrrh are a duo worth gifting. 


2. Nostalgia

There are some aromas and scents that are really nostalgic. A whiff of lavender may take you back to childhood summers with your Grandparents, or the smell of perfume may remind you of your mother. Bring Christmas into the mix, and there’s a whole spectrum of family times spent around the tree, that are worth remembering. 

So why not bring a bit of nostalgia back into your loved ones lives?

Gifting an essential oil that enhances the festive period, will bring back great memories to the times you spent gathered together. 


3. A homely gift

Essential oils can transform a room from a lifeless space to a warm and inviting home. From the subtle fresh scents of orange to the sensual mix of clary sage and bergamot, there are so many unique combinations on offer. 

Essence of Arcadia’s bestselling Pebble Aromatherapy Diffuser Set is the perfect decorative gift. The set comes with a recipe book and starter oils kit to entice the beginner to the essential oils expert. 


4. Mood-boosting scents

Often called the sunshine fruit, oranges are known for their immune system, boosting power as well as bringing a sense of joy with their fresh and invigorating scent. Full of rich Vitamin C antioxidants and known to lower blood pressure, the orange essential oil is a welcome addition to any home. 

Traditionally oranges have their part to play in the festive period too and can still be found in Christmas stockings to this day. A luxury in the 20th Century, the legend goes that St Nicholas himself used to throw three bags of gold down the chimney to pay the dowries for a poor man’s daughter. As a result, oranges became the symbol of this gesture!


5. Adaptable gifting

The beauty of essential oils is that you can never have enough! It is a gift that you can continually expand upon with different scents and mix combinations. What’s more, you can add reed diffusers, oil burners and recipe books!


6. Small and compact

If you have family and friends spread far and wide, finding a gift that is light enough to go through the postal system or easily fit in a suitcase can be problematic. Fortunately, essential oils come in small and compact sized 10ml bottles. 


7. Do-it-yourself gift!

Essential oils are so adaptable that you can make anything from cleaning products to your own candles. If you have a creative flair and like to make homemade gifts for your loved ones, then essential oils may be the perfect base for your new-found gifting obsession!

With a soy base wax, you can make professional-quality candles. Soy is not only environmentally friendly, but it burns slower than paraffin wax. So say hello to long-lasting, beautiful smelling candles! Your lungs and soul can breathe happy this Christmas. 


8. Digestion booster!

The scent of pine is synonymous with the holiday season. Fresh, earthy and inspiring, the humble Christmas tree smell is enough to ignite the festive spirit in the hardiest of Grinches! 

Pine in itself is an excellent digestion booster. So, filling your house with the essential oil ahead of your Christmas celebrations will help your food go down. It will also reduce pain and help you to breathe easier. Your metabolism is stimulated, and any festive anxieties you may have are reduced. 


9. Get that Christmas feeling

Eggnog, spiced cider and mulled wine are all staples of the festive season. At the heart of all of them lies the sensual and spicy cinnamon. Welcoming ane warming, adding a pinch of cinnamon to any gift will let your loved one feel extra special this Christmas. 

10. Gift of a lifetime

Timeless and steeped in ancient traditions, essential oils are a gift of a lifetime. With their mood-enhancing, sleep-inducing and uplifting properties, essential oils are a great asset to any home. 

Give a life-changing gift this Christmas. You know the benefits of using essential oils in your life, so why not make your loved one’s Christmas memorable this year!

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