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20 Fantastic & Unique Uses for the Therapeutic Grade 14 Oils Set

Not sure where to start with your essential oil journey? The Therapeutic grade 14 oils set is probably the perfect beginning. The uses for these oils are endless, but here we have listed some unique uses for this set that you might have never thought of!
  1. Cinnamon – Brain Booster
Diffuse 6 – 8 drops of Cinnamon essential oil in the morning to help you to feel more awake and get your brain going. It increases blood flow, so it’s also great for those with memory loss.
  1. Bergamot – Mood Lifter
Rub a few drops of Bergamot essential oil into your hands and inhale deeply to improve joy and energy. It increases blood flow and aids in the proper secretion of hormones, making it a great natural remedy for anxiety and stress.
  1. Eucalyptus – Earache Soother
Try diffusing a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil or putting 8 – 10 drops in bath water to soothe ear and head pressure for sinus and earache relief.
  1. Frankincense – Wrinkle Fighter
Frankincense essential oil can be used to fight aging, helping to lift sagging skin and reduce pore size. Mix a few drops with a carrier oil and smooth it onto your skin to help protect your skin cells.
  1. Lavender – Laundry Refresher
Drop a few drops of lavender essential oil into the washing machine on the rinse cycle to give your laundry a fresh, clean, luxurious smell.
  1. Peppermint – Natural Flavor
Did you know you can cook with some essential oils? Mix a few drops into your coffee or tea to add a crisp, refreshing flavor. Or try mixing a little into a brownie mix for some peppermint chocolate treats.
  1. Tea Tree – Breath Freshener
Tea tree essential oil is a natural antibacterial and can be added to water to use as mouth wash. Swish around in the mouth for a few seconds and it will kill the bacteria that causes bad breath.
  1. Clary Sage – Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Reliever
Rubbing 3 – 5 drops of Clary Sage essential oil on the abdomen can help with cramping and bloating. Also try rubbing it onto the bottoms of the feet or pulse points to help balance your hormones.
  1. Grapefruit – Gallbladder Cleanser
Massage 1 – 2 drops of Grapefruit essential oil onto the chest or the bottom of the feet to help to remove build-up in the gallbladder.
  1. Healing Blend – Healer
As the name suggests, Arcadia Oil’s very own Healing Blend is made for healing all that ails you. A mix of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Ginger makes this blend the perfect anti-inflammatory, decongestant and antibacterial agent. Drop some into a hot bath or diffuser to relieve sinus pressure.
  1. Rosemary – Hair Growth Stimulator
Since Rosemary is known to dilate blood vessels, it has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean to stimulate hair growth and help prevent hair loss. Drop a few drops into your shampoo or massage directly into your scalp.
  1. Lemongrass – Thyroid Supporter
Rub a few drops of Lemongrass essential oil over your neck area to help support healthy thyroid function, lessening depression and aiding in weight loss.
  1. Ylang Ylang – Tension Reducer
Rub a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil into the shoulders and back to relieve tension in your muscles. Or you can diffuse 8 – 10 drops in the diffuser to combat feelings of stress and anxiety.
  1. Orange – Courage Enhancer
Ever feel like the cowardly lion? If he had had a bottle of Orange essential oil, he might have skipped the trip to Oz altogether. Add a drop or 2 to your wrists or hair to get an instant sense of empowerment.
  1. Headaches – Lavender & Peppermint
Mix a few drops of each with a carrier oil and rub onto your temples or the bottom of your big toe to ease the tension of almost any headache.
  1. Bronchitis & Asthma – Eucalyptus & Peppermint
Make a chest rub with coconut oil and a few drops of each for a natural and effective vapour rub.
  1. Concentration – Bergamot, Peppermint & Grapefruit
Having trouble focusing? Rub a couple of drops of each of these oils into the palms of your hands and inhale deeply for clarity and concentration.
  1. Stress & Depression –Ylang Ylang & Bergamot
These two oils are known for their calming and mood-lifting properties. Rubbing a couple of drops of each over your heart is sure to beat your case of the blues.
  1. Antibacterial Ointment – Tea Tree, Lavender & Frankincense
Each of these oils is rich with healing properties. Mixing a few drops of each with a carrier oil makes a supercharged ointment for minor skin injuries.
  1. Energy – Peppermint & Orange
For a quick afternoon pick-me-up, you can’t go wrong with a mix of Peppermint and Orange. You can diffuse it or rub it into your palms and inhale to energise your senses. If you’re looking to get started on your essential oil journey, try this set. These are just a few of the many uses of these oils.


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