6 Essential Oils Which Make a Great Christmas Gift

6 Essential Oils Which Make a Great Christmas Gift

Last week, we told you why essential oils make a great Christmas gift, but now the nights are a little darker, the mornings are a little colder, and the smell of winter is in the air. We’re in the run-up to Christmas, so let’s explore which essential oils make a great Christmas gift!

It might not be the 1st of December just yet, but this way you can at least start your Christmas shopping and make sure that everything gets delivered on time. 


Who doesn’t love the scent of cinnamon? It may now be predominantly found in our cocktails, mulled wine, and gingerbread men, but cinnamon has been used for thousands of years in Ancient Egypt and the East. Commonly used as a spice in various culinary dishes, cinnamon’s traditional uses were far more medicinal. 

It was apparently used to help ward off colds and flu, while also benefitting the digestion system. Fighting off colds and flu is especially useful come winter, since the lower temperatures make us more susceptible to catching a bug. Probably the best way to make use of this would be through vapourisation.

So why should you buy cinnamon oil this Christmas? Because of its warm and comforting aroma. cinnamon is everywhere at Christmas, so why not invite your nearest and dearest to bring it into their homes?

For an added bonus, why not try gifting alongside orange or clove essential oils? Both have the spirit of Christmas, and all three compliment each other beautifully.


We can all get a little tired and drained around Christmas time. The days are short, the nights are long, and everything is incredibly cold. This is where the essence of orange comes in. Stuffed full of vitamin C, it is bound to put a smile back on your face.

Plus, orange pairs incredibly well with other Christmassy scents cinnamon and nutmeg! Experimenting with these three will fill your recipients’ house with the sugar and spice scent of Christmas. It’s absolutely perfect at creating a wonderful atmosphere, for your friends and family to enjoy.

Don’t forget the Christmas symbolism either. Instead of leaving an actual orange in their stocking this year, why not put some orange essential oils in its place?


One of three presents bestowed upon baby Jesus, the gift of frankincense may not be as prestigious as it was 2000 years ago, but it is still widely used as religious incense. It continues to have a strong spiritual connection, and aids in meditation and prayer - perhaps connected by its presence in the birth of Christ. 

With its prominence in piousness and spirituality, it seems now is the perfect time for you to pass the gift of frankincense onto others; especially those who may have an interest in prayer and religion. 

If you’re thinking of purchasing several oils together to give a more rounded gift, it may be worth noting that frankincense pairs extremely well with pine and cinnamon. 


If gold could be turned into an essential oil, maybe it would’ve made it on this list too! Obtained from the same plant family as frankincense (Burseraceae), myrrh also had its place in religious ceremonies. In fact, scientists believe that the reason frankincense and myrrh were used to cleanse the air, is due to their strong anti-bacterial properties.

It is also capable of boosting the immune system and aiding in decreased weight gain. Both of these effects are ideal over the holidays, especially since we are all quite likely to eat too much. 


The best thing about Christmas trees is their smell. Unfortunately, they’re also quite messy, so some people opt for fake trees that they can use year after year. Since they’re lacking that distinct Christmas smell though, some pine essential oil can make a great gift. 

No longer will they have to concern themselves with an incomplete Christmas atmosphere. Instead by dripping several drops on some decorations and hanging them on the tree, they can expertly create the illusion that they’re sat around a real tree opening their presents. All thanks to your thoughtfulness.


Along with cloves and cinnamon, nutmeg is almost exclusively a Christmas spice. You’ll find it in many holiday exclusives, like festive lattes, cakes, cocktails, or even eggnog. With it being used so extensively in the festive season, the gift of nutmeg oil is the perfect gift for lovers of Christmas.

The wonderful scent is able to mentally whisk them away, back to memories of Christmas markets and snowfall and fireplaces.

Perhaps your loved ones have never explored the possibilities of essential oils before, and that makes them an extremely effective gift. Which oils are you considering getting? Let us know in the comments below!

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