Best 5 Oils For Clearing Sinuses And Winter Colds

Best 5 Oils For Clearing Sinuses And Winter Colds

Winter is for most a wonderful time of year. Filled with the joyous festivities of the season, matched with warming scents that transform your home into a Christmas palace, the long, dark nights suddenly feel less overwhelming. 

With the chilly, frosty mornings comes sniffly noses, blocked sinuses and the dreaded winter cold. Fortunately, there are some immune system building, mood-enhancing essential oils that you can add to your collection to combat the winter blues. 

Here’s our rundown of the best 5 oils for clearing sinuses and winter colds:


1. Peppermint 

A core ingredient to the beloved candy cane, peppermint is undeniably a festive flavour. With its refreshing grassy-mint scent, peppermint essential oil is often used to boost energy and keep fatigue at bay. Fantastic if you are feeling sluggish in the winter season! 

Throughout history, peppermint has been used in a wide range of Eastern and Western medicine to treat anything from headaches to severe cramps. With the evolution of pharmaceuticals and science, peppermint is now widely used in cough, cold and digestive remedies. 

To help treat and soothe the likes of asthma, bronchitis and colds, peppermint essential oil can be used as part of a massage, vaporisation or inhalation. To alleviate the pressure of sinusitis or hay fever, inhaling peppermint will restore your senses and relieve any tension. 


2. Rosemary & Pine

Head colds and stuffy noses can instantly make you feel terrible. Matched with not feeling you can breathe and the aches and pains that a cold will bring to your muscles, all you want to do is hibernate! Blending the likes of rosemary, pine, and lime will create a wonderful woodsy scent that helps to clean the air in your home. 

Rosemary is renowned for its stress-relieving properties, as well as boosting energy and improving brain function. Dash a bit of pine oil into your mix, and your muscle aches and pains will be thankful for the thoughtful combination. Giving your body the boost it needs to fight off viruses and germs; this festive season may be the most enjoyable yet!


3. Eucalyptus

With the ever-changing seasons, it’s hard to predict how well our immune systems will react. To give your body and mind the best chance this winter, it’s worth having a look at the benefits of eucalyptus.

For millennia, eucalyptus has been used as a remedy for respiratory complaints, as well as helping to combat the breakout of meningitis and influenza during World War I. Today you are likely to find it as a base ingredient for some of the most sought out cold and flu remedies out there. 

Eucalyptus on its own is pretty powerful. Placing the essential oil into a diffuser will quickly demonstrate how quickly eucalyptus can clear your sinuses. Combining the woody scent with cold and sinus combatting essential oils like rosemary, thyme, pine, lavender and marjoram will give you the fighting power you need to ward off any unwanted illnesses this season. 


4. Tea Tree Oil

Want to relieve a persistent cough and clear your sinuses? Tea tree oil is one of Mother Nature’s little miracles. When placed into a diffuser, or safely dabbing straight onto your skin, tea tree oil will quickly target and tackle your symptoms.

The Aboriginal people of Australia first discovered the healing properties of tea tree oil and often made herbal tea with the leaves. As soon as the scientific community learned of tea tree’s versatile medicinal properties, the essential oil soon became the base for many sore throat, wounds and fungal nail infection remedies that we still use today. 

A powerful immune stimulant, tea tree oil is a welcome addition to anyone wanting to combat the cold and flu season. Combined with eucalyptus, you’ll find a match made in heaven!


5. Lavender

Restless nights and lack of sleep are all part of the deal when you catch a cold or find yourself struggling to breathe due to your blocked sinuses. That’s where lavender essential oil comes in. Soothing and with its sedative properties, lavender is a perfect companion for helping you get the restorative sleep you need. 

Lavender’s calming effects have made it one of the most sought out essential oils today. Blended with the likes of cedarwood, you can create a relaxing, calming mist to help you sleep throughout the night. If that’s not enough, mixed with rosemary you can have a muscle-relaxing massage before turning in for your forty winks. 

Viruses, colds and winter bugs are enough to put anyone off! Luckily, you can arm yourself with some of Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets to keep you free of cold and your sinuses clear this season. 

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