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3 Essential Oils for Digestive System Issues

Issues with the digestive system aren’t uncommon, with health problems such as indigestion, flatulence and even cramps and diarrhoea being painful and wreaking havoc on your daily lifestyle.

Many people assume that these types of digestive-related issues can only be treated with prescribed medicine. However, there are a handful of pure essential oils that can replace the need for medicines and naturally give you the same kind of relief.

We’ve shared three great essential oils that can be used in several ways to aid with issues relating to your digestive system, and the ingredients to look for when choosing the best products for your health needs:

How do Essential Oils Help the Digestive System?

The digestive system can cause us pain and discomfort when experiencing a health issue, but there are a selection of essential oils that are able to aid this area and provide relief when needed.

This is because pure essential oils are filled with calming ingredients that promote naturally good health, and can be applied directly to the skin through massage to receive the full benefits.

1. Peppermint Oils for Cramps and Diarrhoea

Whether they’re coming from eating too quickly or you’re suffering with a viral infection that is seriously affecting your digestive system, there are a variety of essential oils that can aid with relieving cramps and diarrhoea.

Essential oils that contain peppermint ingredients have the benefit of aiding with stomach cramps when they are massaged into the tender area. This happens because peppermint essential oils contain anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic qualities; meaning that they can relieve pain and relieve the muscle spasms that are causing cramps.

Peppermint is often hailed as the ultimate oil for an “internal body workout” as it is able to aid with IBS, liver fatigue and other intestinal disorders.

2. Orange Oils for Indigestion

If you’re suffering with indigestion, it can be painful and prevent you from doing your daily tasks. However, you may not need to opt for healthcare medicines to get effective treatment!

Orange essential oils are commonly used to aid with indigestion symptoms because they are able to combat the feeling of nausea that often comes with the condition.

Lavender-based oils are also popular products in aromatherapy because they promote calmness and are able to relax your body in order for the condition to treat itself.

3. Clary Sage Oils for Flatulence

A build-up of wind or excess air in your body can be a result of flatulence, and can cause abdominal pain if the intestinal gas isn’t released from the body.

Clary sage essential oils have been used to aid with flatulence for many years because the oils contain ingredients, chemicals and fragrances that help to calm the body and allow your muscles to relax. These types of oils are typically used to aid with menstrual issues, and they also help with the inability to pass wind without feeling pain.

There are a number of essential oils that can be used to treat issues with your digestive system and abdominal area. If you’re still unsure on the best products for your own health and individual needs, please contact the team. Our aromatherapy experts would be more than to help with any essential oils that you need.


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