3 Essential Oils for Respiratory Issues

3 Essential Oils for Respiratory Issues

Respiratory issues such as coughs, colds and even asthma can wreak havoc on our daily lives when the conditions aren’t being treated or cared for properly.

It’s a common misconception that such illnesses and conditions can only be treated with specialist medicine. However, health issues relating to the respiratory system can be treated with pure essential oils that contain ingredients to naturally calm the area of your body that is suffering.

We’ve shared three of the best essential oils and aromatherapy products for treating conditions including sinusitis and bronchitis, and how they can benefit your life:  

1. Frankincense Oil for Asthma

With millions of people all over the world looking for a way to calm their asthma condition, there’s no surprising that aromatherapists are using essential oils as a way to treat breathing problems.

Frankincense essential oils are anti-inflammatory, which helps in clearing the nasal passages when a person is suffering badly with asthma. It also helps with decongesting the lungs, helping the sufferer to breathe clearly.

This pure oil can be diffused into the air using a specialist diffuser, or massaged into the chest area for more direct benefits.

2. Eucalyptus Oil for Coughs

A painful and chesty cough is often an annoying symptom of the common cold. Despite not usually being a huge cause for concern, a loud cough can be irritating at the best of times!

One of the many benefits of eucalyptus essential oils is that the vapours featured in the oil can loosen mucus in the throat, nasal passages and lungs, helping to clear airways and get rid of a pesky cough. There’s a reason why there is so much eucalyptus oils in products such as vapour rubs and tubes!

This essential oil can be inhaled through vapour rubs, or inserted into a diffuser. This will allow the ingredients that the oil provides escape into your environment and naturally help to clear your cough.

3. Peppermint Oil for Bronchitis

It’s no secret that we’re a huge fan of Peppermint oils here at Essence of Arcadia – purely because the pure oil provides so many benefits to provide your body with an “internal workout”.

Bronchitis is also a health condition that peppermint essential oil can help to treat. Usually brought on by a viral or bacterial infection, bronchitis can also occur when the air you’re breathing in is irritating your body.

Peppermint pure oils can be used to aid with coughing symptoms as they act as an ingredient strong enough to clear the airways when applied to the throat, or inhaled.

Using the benefits that these pure essential oils provide is a great way to aid with any respiratory or health issues that you may be facing. Get in touch with our expert aromatherapists today if you’re looking for the perfect products for your own needs… We’d be thrilled to help!

Don’t forget that you can get your FREE essential oil recipe blending book to find the perfect, unique blend that is tailored to your own needs.

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