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How to Properly Care for Your Essential Oil Diffuser

There’s just no arguing the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy, and take a look around our site and you’ll see we can’t get enough of it! And the most effective way to reap the benefits for yourself is with a diffuser.

The most common type of diffuser is one that emits an electronic pulse – an ultrasonic diffuser. This pulse then breaks the essential oil molecules up while dispersing them into the air, making them more easily absorbed into our systems. Long story short…

They work!

Why Should I Clean My Essential Oil Diffuser?

The only problem with most diffusers is that when not properly cleaned, they can stop working long before they should. And because this is such a simple solution, we thought we would give you a brief rundown of how it should be done.

Electric diffusers are filled with water and drops of essential oils, and even though essential oils are actually mostly non-oily substances, they can still cause a buildup on the machines’ parts rendering them ineffective.

Another fact most people don’t realise is that the buildup from water deposits and oil residue left behind in the machine taints every future use. This means that those 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils you paid for aren’t quite as pure as they should be!


Let’s get cleaning!

How to Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser

  1. Power Off!

Unplug your unit before you start for safety.

  1. Fill with Water

Pour purified water into the reservoir about halfway to the fill line.

  1. Add White Vinegar

Add about 10 ml white vinegar to the water. This will help remove any water deposits that may be building up.

  1. Power On!

Run your diffuser as usual, letting it shut off on its own once the liquid is gone.

  1. Wipe Down with Alcohol

Unplug the diffuser and remove any remaining liquid. Then dip a soft cloth or sponge in rubbing alcohol and wipe down the machine inside and out, paying close attention to the metal plate inside the unit.

You’re done! Your diffuser is now as good as new and ready for a new session with your favourite oils.

Extra Tips

  • Your diffuser will operate best when cleaned frequently, but the deep cleaning process above need only be repeated once per month or less, depending on how heavily your diffuser is used.
  • After every use, you can keep it clean and functional by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar to remove residue.
  • Steer clear of harsh abrasives or detergents that could harm your diffuser or add unwanted chemicals to your regime. Alcohol, vinegar or witch hazel are perfect solutions for keeping it buildup free without lurking behind to taint your oils.
  • Pay careful attention to the max fill line in your diffuser. Overfilling can cause liquid to seep into operating parts and malfunction.
  • Read your diffuser’s instruction manual to find out where to pour out excess liquid so that it’s not leaked into the operating parts.
  • Use extra care when cleaning the metal disk inside the diffuser. If it’s scratched or damaged, it could cease operation.
  • Use only 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils in your diffuser to prevent excess buildup of unwanted materials.
  • Use only distilled or purified water to prevent mineral buildup.

In Conclusion

Ultrasonic diffusers require a little more care than other types of diffusers, but they are completely worth the extra few minutes it takes to maintain them. If you keep them residue-free, they are likely to last you for many years, as well as keep your aromatherapy as pure as possible.

For a look at the diffusers we sell and recommend, hop on over to our products page here. If you have any questions about the type of diffuser that will meet your needs…or anything else, please feel free to contact us any time! We’re happy to help!


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