Making Your House A Home With Essential Oils

Making Your House A Home With Essential Oils

A home is not just the place we inhabit. It is a place where we can truly be ourselves. A space that is uniquely our own.

We occupy its walls with art, foods and squashy sofas. For most of us, our home is a sanctuary and where we can find peace from our busy lives. It is more than the bricks and mortar that surround us. 

A relaxing atmosphere can transform a house into a home. Warming and comforting, the powerful and refreshing scents made from essential oils can re-energise a weary mind and restore positivity. 

Here’s how to make a house a home with essential oils:

Soothing scents

The clock has struck five, and you’re on your way home from a busy day’s work. Your mind is in overdrive, and you feel at unease. As soon as you enter your home, the day’s stresses melt away. 

Lavender is slowly being diffused in your living room. Instantly you feel calmer as the soothing scent reaches your nose. 

One of the most versatile essential oils, lavender has been used for several millennia. Medicinal and therapeutic, lavender is a good antidote for frayed nerves and encouraging restorative sleep.

Add a couple of drops to a bath to release tension and rub into your temples to ease a headache. Just a few drops of lavender in your laundry will eliminate odours and repel moths that might fancy a midnight feast. 

Fresh and fragrant, lavender is a welcome addition to the home. 

Warming and aromatic

When I think of home, I think of crackling fires, snuggly blankets and atmospheric lighting. Everything screams warm and comforting. 

There’s a reason why everyone gets excited about the Autumnal season. Pumpkin spice and cinnamon become a prominent feature as the nights slowly draw in. 

Lined up along the fireplace, cinnamon-infused candles burn. What’s more, they have all been hand-poured and infused with essential oils. Delicious and aromatic, cinnamon cleanses and purifies the air as it is released. 

A simple oil burner can instantly boost the atmosphere of a room. With its glowing candle at its centre, your essential oils can become the centrepiece of any space. 

A reflection of ourselves

Our homes are a reflection of our true self. They reveal how we live - cluttered chaos, organised refinery or minimalist - our homes are an authentic glimpse into who you are. 

Some of us are geared up for the simple life. Removing synthetic fragrances for more natural scents are more fitting with your lifestyle. Pine, Lemon and Grapefruit shape the aura of your home. 

Breathing them in makes you feel more connected to the world around you, and your mood lifts every time you encounter the fragrance. 

Others of us may prefer headier fragrances. Seductive and aromatic, essential oils like Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Jasmine allow us to reconnect with our base instincts. Although sensual and exotic, these scents make you feel empowered and refreshed. 

Adding small drops of your favourite essential oils in wardrobes, linen drawers and even in your cleaning products will create your desired atmosphere. 

Relive the memories

Our senses are a powerful link to our experiences and memories. Every moment we encounter is rich with feelings but also touch, sight and smell. 

When we breathe in a familiar scent, our brains react. We can get taken back to a memory long forgotten, or find ourselves thinking about a sensation or feeling. Fragrance is a powerful thing. Emotions, memories and scents are all interwoven within our subconscious. 

With that in mind, think about the essential oils in your home. How do they make you feel? Who do they remind you of? 

Although some memories are painful, some of the most extraordinary experiences we have are in our own homes. Finding a scent that uniquely belongs to your home can have a remarkable lasting impact on those that feel welcome there. 

Sleep with ease

Sleep is such a valuable part of our human experience. It’s where we heal and restore our bodies, as we finally switch off for a few hours. 

When you struggle to sleep, it can have lasting consequences on your mood and your overall wellbeing. 

Ancient and valuable, essential oils like Frankincense have been transforming homes and minds globally for thousands of years. 

A natural stress reliever and insect repellant, Frankincense is a welcoming scent for your pillow. It has also been known to alleviate insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks. 

Ready to make your house a home? Finding your favourite essential oils will create lasting memories and transform your home.

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