Oil Sets

Are you looking for a large selection of essential aromatherapy oils that can be used within your aroma jewellery or diffusers? Our selection of oil sets can provide you with a large range of scented oils, allowing you to choose your favourite and experiment with the variety of benefits.

Customisable Essential Oil Sets

Our sets of essential oils come in a range of different collections, depending on what scents or benefits and fragrances that you’re looking for.

Our DIY oil blend making kit is on hand to give you a way to experiment with our essential oils and gives you the opportunity to create your own, unique combination. This bespoke blend will be completely made by yourself and will give you a lesson in how to get the most out of your oils.

Alternatively, our main essential oil sets give you the opportunity to explore our most popular aromatherapy oils. Offering versatility and featuring an exclusive recipe book, these oil sets are excellent if you’re looking to create your own candles, soaps or cleaners. The possibilities of what you can create with these sets really are endless!

Beautiful Blends for All Occasions

Our essential oil collections feature some of our most popular oils and come in packages that allow you to experience multiple aromatherapy scents.

In these sets you can find oils to aid with congestion, as well as oils that promote a deep and restful sleep. Whatever issue you’re facing, from skincare to issues in the family home, we’re sure that these oil sets can help to restore the peace!

Keen to know more about our essential oil sets and want to learn about how you can use them for several different purposes? Contact the team today. We’d be thrilled to help you find the best set for your own needs.