10ml Rosemary Oil

10ml Rosemary Oil


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Rosemary essential oil is produced from the fresh flowering tops of the Rosmarinus officinalis shrub, also known as Rosmarinus coronarium. It is native to the Mediterranean region but now widely cultivated in countries such as England France, Spain, California, Morocco, China, Russia and the Middle East. Rosemary essential oil is extracted by steam distillation, with France, Spain and Tunisia being the main oil-producing countries. Rosemary belongs to the Lamiaceae plant family, also known as Labiatae.


Rosemary essential oil is a colourless or pale yellow mobile liquid with a strong, fresh, minty-herbaceous aroma and a woody, balsamic undertone. It has a middle note and blends well with lavender, lavandin, thyme, pine, basil, peppermint, citronella, elemi, cedarwood, petitgrain and the spice oils.

Chemical Constituents

The main chemical constituents found in rosemary essential oil are:

  • cineol – an oxide that has expectorant and insect repellent properties

  • pinene – a terpene that has rubefacient properties

  • camphor – a ketone that has analgesic, antimicrobial and decongestant properties.

Safety Considerations

Rosemary essential oil is generally non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitising. However, it should be avoided by individuals with high blood pressure and should not be used during pregnancy. Individuals with epilepsy must also avoid rosemary essential oil as it may trigger seizures.

Historical and Traditional Uses

Rosemary was probably one of the earliest herbs to be used for food, medicine and religious ceremonies. It was considered a sacred plant by the Greeks and Romans, and was seen as a symbol of love and death. In the Middle Ages, rosemary was used to drive away evil spirits and to help fight the plague and other infectious diseases. It was found to have a stimulating effect on the mind and a useful aid to the memory, resulting in the herb becoming known as a symbol of remembrance. Recent research has indeed shown that rosemary helps to improve the memory.

Rosemary has also been used medicinally for centuries for a wide range of complaints such as respiratory and circulatory disorders, digestive and nervous complaints, muscle and joint pain and liver congestion. Today rosemary is a popular addition to hair care products as it helps to prevent dandruff and encourage healthy hair growth. It is also used extensively in soaps, perfumes, eau-de-colognes and detergents, and is employed as a flavouring in the food and drink industry.

Therapeutic Actions

The therapeutic properties of rosemary essential oil include:

  • analgesic

  • antimicrobial

  • antioxidant

  • antirheumatic

  • antiseptic

  • antispasmodic

  • aphrodisiac

  • astringent

  • carminative

  • cicatrisant

  • digestive

  • diuretic

  • emmenagogue

  • fungicidal

  • rubefacient

  • stimulant

  • stomachic

  • tonic.

Aromatherapy Use

Skin Care:

  • acne – massage, bath, inhalation, skin oil or lotion

  • dandruff – oil or hair product

  • dermatitis – massage, skin oil, compress or bath

  • eczema – massage, bath, skin oil or cream

  • greasy hair and general hair care – hair product

  • insect repellent – skin oil or vaporisation

  • lice – oil or hair care

  • varicose veins – skin oil or compress.

Circulation, Muscles and Joints:

  • muscular aches and pains – massage, bath or compress

  • low blood pressure – massage or bath

  • palpitations – massage

  • poor circulation – massage or bath

  • rheumatism – massage, compress or bath

  • water retention – massage or bath.

Respiratory System:

  • asthma – massage, vaporisation or inhalation

  • bronchitis – massage, vaporisation or inhalation

  • coughs – massage, vaporisation or inhalation

  • sinusitis – inhalation.

Digestive System:

  • indigestion – massage

  • flatulence - massage

Immune System:

  • colds, flu and infections – massage, bath, vaporisation or inhalation.

Genito-Urinary System:

  • period pain – massage, compress or bath.

Nervous System:

  • debility – massage, bath or vaporisation

  • headaches – massage, compress or vaporisation

  • neuralgia – massage or bath

  • mental fatigue and exhaustion – massage, bath or vaporisation

  • stress – massage, bath or vaporisation.

Emotional and Spiritual Connection

Rosemary is associated with the colour indigo and the third eye or brow chakra. It is thought to be useful as a psychic protector, and is helpful whenever there is a need for clarity. Rosemary is regarded as one of the most valuable and invigorating essential oils, and it helps to boost the circulation of blood and vital energy around the body.